Yoga Styles Combined for a Very Special Workshop

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Yin with a Bhakti Spin

with Leslieann Hobayan and Emily Katz



Wednesday, October 16th 10:30 – 12:00pm EVENT CANCELLED

Bhakti is the yoga of love and devotion, working to serve the Divine and others.

Coupled with the practice of Yin, we can soften our hearts and allow our true nature to shine through.

This workshop will be a slow and mindful practice that centers around your direct experience of chanting and meditation before, during, and after asana (physical) practice, to connect with the Divine.

Leslieann opens the session with a heart-opening meditation and intention-setting space. Emily then guides the class through Yin postures that encourage an opening of the heart.

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Workshop Fee: n/a:





REVISED Back Care Series Start Date!  Now Starts October 21!
Back Care_wth chair

Back Care Series  

with Patricia Videgain    


Current Series:  September 9 - October 7, 2019
9/9, 9/16, 9/23, 9/30, & 10/7

Next Series:  October 21 - November 18
10/14  10/21, 10/28, 11/4, 11/11, & 11/18

Give yourself the gift of knowledge and self care for your back!

For all those new to Iyengar yoga and the practice of back care, as well as those that are seasoned practitioners and want to learn and practice with a focus on the back. This class moves a bit slower than your regular yoga or fitness class, emphasis is the step-by-step guidance for setting up the poses and working with the back. 

We will work with principles of alignment, lengthening the spine, creating joint space, using the breath and breathing awareness, experiential anatomy and yogic principles of practice. For all types of structural problems, including pain and postural problems, including scoliosis, knees, hips, neck and shoulder issues. All new students must take the Intro Workshop before attending the Back Care Series.

“I highly recommend the Back Care series with Patricia Videgain to anyone with any type of back or neck issue. After hurting my back several months ago, I was afraid that I would not be able to return to yoga or regular exercise. Through Patricia's instruction I am now nearly pain free. I have learned how to modify my yoga practice and work through the inevitable occasional flare-up as I continue to gain strength, flexibility, and balance.” – Vera M.


Registration for the UPCOMING SERIES is NOW OPEN!  Click HERE to sign up.

Back Care Series: $175 
(Any missed sessions are not refunded or prorated.  Space is limited to 4 students. 3-student minimum to hold the series.)





Reclaim Your Power and Your Wisdom Within
Next Series Now Begins October 24!!

Generations_3 women



Self Honor: 

Yoga for Women's Health 

by Patricia Videgain    

Thursdays 6:00 - 7:30pm

Fall I Series:  Thursdays, September 12 - October 10  Now Ends October 17!
9/12, 9/19, 9/26, 10/3, 11/10, & 11/17

Fall II Series:  Thursdays, Now Runs October 24  - November 21
10/17, 10/24, 10/31, 11/7, 11/14, & 11/21

Workshop Format:

  • With calmness, patience and suspended time, Patricia will guide each student in the art of practicing restorative and therapeutic sequences for this important area of wisdom and life.
  • Each session will be unique, but will build off the previous one. BUT! We know summer schedules are crazy, so even if you miss some, you will still get so much out of the series!

Workshop Benefits:

  • Understand, connect to and begin to reclaim and integrate the territory of the pelvis, hips, lumbar, sacrum and coccyx through Embodied Anatomy, Developmental Movement, and Iyengar Yoga Restorative and Therapeutic techniques.
  • Work with the organic and morphologic structures that we carry inside: the organic body, systems, and our sacred organs, and become fully aware that our connection to the womb resides in the pelvis.
  • Access the wisdom within. It’s been there all along.
  • Discover the subtle and finer adjustments while practicing on and off the mat as well.

Workshop Working Concepts:

  • The pelvic area is where our center of gravity lives.  Like the keel of a boat, the pelvis provides stability to the spine and a counterweight to the cranium.  the structure holds the space for the uro-genital system, and the excretion and reproduction organs.  
  • Geeta Iyengar says that it is very important for a woman to "feel" her body.  Even though a woman who practices yoga postures may have a flexible body, she may still have the tendency to hold her body postures incorrectly.  This disturbs her organic body.  Understanding the subtle adjustments on the mat as well as while walking, talking, standing, sitting, and breathing.  Learn that when asanas and pranayamas are done with accuracy in both "doing the posture correctly" as well as "feeling the body" the mudras and bandhas happen naturally.
  • Geeta Iyengar created and shared a body of work for women, that is unique in its scope and bredth, with special reference to the needs of women.  Practicing these sequences not only feels good, but the feeling and the experience lasts for a long time.  After practicing these sequences, Patricia shares that she she has an overall sense of peace that stays with her for a long time, and that it lasts for several days afterward. 

Message from Patrica About the Workshop:
     I developed this project because I believe that every woman, regardless of age, can access the wisdom and beauty of her organic body through yoga.  This workshop series is a tribute to Geeta Iyengar's lifelong work.  She reintroduced yoga practices for the female body in all stages of a woman's life.  
     In gratitude to her and the senior Iyengar Yoga teachers' contributions to this very specific field: Mira Mehta, Patricia Walden, Lois Steinberg, Bobby Clennell, Gabriella Giubillaro, Bobby Fultz, Alice Browning-Miller, Jaki Nett, Judith Hanson Lasater, and especially my teacher, Theresa Rowland.  Without Theresa's dedication, her loving, generous, compassionate teaching and her holding of the space, I would not be teaching today.  Thank you so much, Theresa for all you have given me and continue to do!  There's not a day that I don't have your soft voice and your teachings with me.
     The class is a nod to all the yoga teachers that have touched me with their teaching, both men and women practicing the craft, sharing their voice and continuing the lineage.  Because that is the exciting about yoga today.  It is the continuation of an old and long thread, dating many centuries back and continuously renewing itself.  Also, a special thanks to Dr.  Christiane Northrup, Women's Health Expert, for her books and her voice. 
     It is my hope that this class will be a celebration to the female divine in us.  Every woman knows.


Registration NOW OPEN for Fall I Series!  Click HERE to sign up.

Workshop: $175 
- Any missed sessions are not refunded or prorated.   
- A 3-student minimum registered by 10/11 needed to hold the series.





1 More Pop-Up Viniyoga™  Classes in October...2 More in November!
Pop-Up Classes
with Lisa Atkins

4 Wednesdays, 10:30 - 11:45am

October 9th  October 23rd  November 6th  & November 20th

While Julie Shaw is on a teaching hiatus, keep your Viniyoga™ practice in a good, consistent groove with Lisa Atkin's fabulous Pop-Ups, with 2 in October, and 2 more classes in November!  Hope to see you then!
What is Viniyoga™?   It is an authentic transmission of the teachings of yoga, including āsana (postures), prāṇāyāma (breath work), chanting/mantra, meditation, and personal ritual.*  These yoga tools are adapted to meet the unique condition, needs and interests of each student. In this way, each practitioner has the opportunity to individualize and actualize her/his self-discovery and personal transformation. The emphasis in a Viniyoga class is on “the person, not the poses.” If you are looking to deepen your practice with authentic teachings, please give Viniyoga a try.
(*Gary Kraftsow, MA, E-RYT 550, C-IAYT, evolved the Viniyoga™ approach to yoga from the teachings transmitted by T. Krishnamacharya and T.K. V. Desikachar of Madras, India.

No previous experience required.  All are welcome.
Cost: $20/class
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October Evening Pilates Classes





6:00pm with Bonnie







6:00pm (NEW TIME!) with Debi

Mat_with Band





6:00pm with Beth

What Pilates Mat? Pilates Mat Classes incorporate the fundamentals of Pilates, and follows the classical mat order. Much of the class is performed in a prone or supine position with slow movements. Every Pilates move depends on the principles of control, concentration, fluidity, breath and balance. Although Pilates equipment is not utilized during mat classes, small exercise props such as Magic Circles, weights, bands and balls are often utilized to engage specific muscle groups and assist with body positioning.


What is Pilates Tower? Combining essential Pilates Mat work with the  benefits of the Pilates Tower equipment, this class is ideal for students of all levels*. Through a system of springs and bars, the equipment supports the body to ensure proper stabilization and positioning, while providing added resistance for strengthening, toning, and lengthening muscles.

What Level is Mat? Beginner/Intermediate. While intermediate exercises may be introduced, modifications are always provided.


What Level is Pilates Tower? Intermediate. While intermediate, modifications are always provided.

Is Mat for you Our Pilates Mat classes are appropriate for all students of ALL LEVELS of Pilates experience.


Is Pilates Tower for you Students new to Pilates Tower are required to complete the Into to Tower package (3 Private Sessions)

Pilates Mat: $20/class
October 9-Class Pilates Mat Package*:
$155 (Reg $180)
* Oct Mat Package classes must be used in Oct. They do not carry over, & expire 10/30.


Pilates Tower: $30/class
10-Class Tower Package*:
* All Tower Package classes must be used within 3 months and expire thereafter.

To join us for an Evening Pilates Class, sign Up HERE!





New to Pilates Reformer?

Pilates Reformer Series

for Beginners

Reformer Trio with Inst

Current Series Underway:
Thursdays, October 3 - 24     
(10/3, 10/10, 10/17, & 10/24)

10:00am - 10:55am

Look for more Reformer Series in the future!

Why Pilates Reformer?

  • Reformer = More Exercise Combinations
  • Great form of strength, postural, flexibility, balance and endurance training
  • Designed to target one specific area, or as a whole-body muscular exercise
  • Phenomenal workout for your body’s “powerhouse” (abs, lower back, hips, & glutes)
  • Heavily focused on alignment and accurate muscle engagement, which leads to improved
  • posture and more stability, especially when in motion

4-Class Series Fee: $140
Any missed classes are not refunded or prorated. (2-Student Minimum registered by 10/1 needed to hold the series.)
Sign up HERE!      Space is limited to 3 participants.





Beth immersed herself in Classical Pilates training in New York City ;l;land then received her Mat and All-Apparatus Comprehensive Power Pilates

C'mon, jump on in!

Pilates Reformer Jumpboard Class

with Debi

Mondays  10:00 - 10:55am


Why you should take this class:

Burn Calories Like a Pyromaniac!!

The added cardio element equals a mega-calorie burn and helps to increase stamina and reduce fatigue. It can sometimes prove exhausting for the first few times, but if you stay consistent, your energy levels are bound to increase.

Get a Kick Out of Finding Your Floating Form

The spring tension is less than the pull of gravity, giving you a longer hang time so you can really concentrate on your form in the air to bring your abs in, lengthen your tailbone on the mat, melt your shoulders away from your ears, keep the ribs buttoned and engage your thighs.

Get Abtastic!

On top of burning mega calories, using the Jumpboard is a great abdominal workout that challenges balance, coordination, and the core in a different setting strengthening your muscles.

Enjoy Low Impact Benefits

Since the reformer has taken gravity out of the equation, these jumps are low impact. (Even lower impact than on a trampoline.) Why is that good? Because it is joint-friendly while getting the same benefits of a high-impact workout!   Low-impact exercises actually help promote healing and recovery by keeping the joint mobile and increasing strength. Also, Pilates Jumpboard classes help to increase metabolism and helps in the conversion of ingested nutrients into the energy you need to function. It also helps to reduce stress and depression because when you exercise, your body emits endorphins, which are believed to be natural painkillers.

Get Your Heart Rate Up While Lying Down

During a Pilates Jumpboard routine, the heart moves at a quickened pace and the heart rate stays up for some minutes, burning calories. The movements make the muscles stronger and helps to shape the muscles, including the heart.
Lying down helps you keep your spine in optimal alignment for the movement. This is one training session you can take lying down!

Jumboard Class Fee: $35   Register Online Here   (Previous experience required.)



Yin Yoga -- Friday mornings at 10:30

Fridays from 10:30 - 11:45am

Explore a Luxurious Opening of the Body and its Energetic Pathways

The Yin Practice is Quiet and Deeply Energetic.

This 75-minute class:
• Is perfect for all yogis of any experience level
• Will be mostly done on the floor
• Focuses on the joints of the back, hips and legs
• Brings health to the body’s deeper and less-elastic tissues (joints, tendons, and fascia)
• Explores holding the poses for a long time…anywhere from 2-10 minutes
• Taps into the “stuff” active yang practices can’t reach
• Incorporates meditation as part of the practice
• Offers a much-needed break from our fast-paced yang lifestyles

All are welcome.

Regular Class Fee: $20   Register Online Here





Space is limited to 12 and this class fills up FAST!!


Empowered Alignment Flow Class
with Chara Rodriguera

Saturday Mornings

9:00 - 10:15am

Chara's Empowered Alignment Flow Class is an inspiring blend of alignment-based Yoga linked with fluid vinyasa movements that promote strength, flexibility, alignment and rejuvenation.

All classes are lovingly choreographed around a monthly foundational principle that supports awareness, skill and empowerment both on and off your mat. Options will be offered so you can practice at your comfort level.

You’ll leave feeling renewed, energized and excited about being your best self and living your best life.

PREREGISTER since space is limited to 12 students.   Sign up here online.
This is one of our classes that routinely fills to capacity, so be sure to preregister to save your spot. Starting at 5 minutes before class, any No-Show spots are given to those on the Wait List.

Inspirations and practices that empower you!
Chara Rodriguera a mother, a certified Kripalu and Anusara influenced Yoga Instructor, and Life Program Facilitator.  Due to stress related issues, she began practicing Yoga in 1995 and has been gratefully teaching since 1997.  With backgrounds in the arts and communication, she combines her love of artistry and self-expression into a unique teaching style that is creative, insightful and nurturing.  Her classes are an uplifting blend of movement, postures, breathwork and guided meditation, lovingly woven together with words of inspiration.  One of Chara’s favorite aspects of teaching is assisting people in transitioning their Yoga practice into everyday life.  Each month, she focuses on one foundational principle that supports practitioners both on and off the mat so they may live from a place of greater illumination and empowerment.    To learn more about Chara, check out:





Sol Path Yoga:  12 Sacred Foundational Principles


12 Sacred Principles to Illuminate Your Journey On and Off the Mat.

Sol Path Yoga is a unique form of yoga that focuses on twelve foundational principles that support practitioners on and off the mat. Each class is choreographed with care to effectively support your journey of wellbeing and personal growth. You will find the experience to be an uplifting blend of movement, postures, alignment, breath-work, and guided meditation…lovingly woven together with words of inspiration. Each month we explore, practice and reflect on one of twelve foundational principles: Present Moment Awareness, Love, Truth, Abundance, Balance, Liberation, Clarity, Contentment, Inner Fire, Self-understanding, Trust and Celebration. Each principle teaches a skill set that deepens the practitioner’s awareness so they may take their insights off the mat and live from a place of greater illumination and empowerment.


Head to for more information about Chara, Sol Path Yoga, and all 12 Foundational Principles.