Who's In Charge? 
     Your Smart Phone
or You?
Wednesday, June 28th 10:30-12:00noon

Workshop Fee:  $30

Digital Detox Workshop with Julie Shaw

Are you aware of:
  • How many times in a day you check my phone for emails
    or texts?
  • How many times you check in an hour?
  • In the last 15 minutes?


Ask yourself sincerely:

  • Do I have a healthy relationship with my smart phone and
    other technology?
  • Am I in charge of my own behavior?
In the past several years, have you noticed:
  • An increased level of anxiety in your emotional state?
  • A sense of “brain fog”?
  • A lack of productivity?
  • Daytime fatigue or nighttime sleep problems?
  • A nagging sense that there is always something you are supposed
    to be doing?

Please join Juile for an eye-opening yoga class designed to help you identify, assess and improve your relationship to the technology in your life.

This 90-minute class is for ALL LEVELS of yoga experience and will include:

  • Movement:  Simple breath-centered yoga postures to reduce muscular tension and increase focus and energy
  • Breath:  Simple pranayama practices designed to alleviate stress and re-balance the nervous system
  • Meditation:  Simple, effective, personal meditation practice to transfor intention into habit

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Julie Shaw has 30 years experience practicing and teaching yoga. Her classes are for every body and every experience level, integrating breath, movement and awareness in the service of greater self-knowledge.  Among her other yoga teaching certifications, she is a Certified Yoga Therapist in the ViniyogaTradition.






Yin Yoga Class

Special Summer Solstice
Pop-Up Class

Explore a Luxurious Opening of the Body and its Energetic Pathways

with Susie Suárez
Wednesday, June 21st
10:30 – 12:00 noon

Investment In You:  $20
Register HERE online  or at the desk. Space is limited!

The Yin Practice is Quiet and Deeply Energetic.  This Special 90-Minute Class:
  • Is perfect for all yogis of any experience level
  • Will be mostly done on the floor
  • Focuses on the joints of the back, hips and legs
  • Brings health to the body’s deeper and less-elastic tissues (joints, tendons, and fascia)
  • Explores holding the poses for a long time…anywhere from 2-10 minutes
  • Taps into the “stuff” active yang practices can’t reach
  • Incorporates meditation as part of the practice
  • Offers a much-needed break from our fast-paced yang lifestyles 

Susie first came to yoga in 2008 after being diagnosed with scoliosis.  Like many practitioners, she discovered so much more than just physical growth on the mat. She completed her RYT200 at Onyx Yoga Studio under the guidance of Shannon Elliott. Susie's approach to teaching yoga is loving and supportive, and her classes encourage a sense of playful curiosity. Her asana instruction emphasizes openness to the experience of each pose, both physically and energetically. Modifications are always offered to help students meet themselves where they are. Susie believes that yoga is for every body and she strives to provide each practitioner with tools to deepen their personal practice, both on and off the mat.

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with Patricia Videgain

Friday, June 30th
6:30 - 8:00 pm
Workshop Fee:  $30

Yoga is emerging as an alternative to help
with Back Pain

Space is Limited!
Sign up Online HERE today! 
(Preregistration Required)

In this 75-minute workshop, we will deal with:
  • Deal with Back Pain
  • Address Weak and Tight Backs
  • Learn How to Rest and Adapt Poses for Our Bodies
  • Look at Movement and Postural Practices that Can Make a Difference in Our Experience of Our Bodies and the Way We Approach Ourselves Posturally
Patricia_resized.jpg Patricia is committed to teaching others how to use yoga and movement as a tool for transformation. Her practice is contemplative and based on the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar and the yoga sutras of Patanjali. Patricia has been practicing for over fifteen years and has studied with some of the most distinguished teachers worldwide. She completed her 500-hour teacher certification and final certification with Theresa Rowland in Madison, NJ. Areas of specialization include Restorative Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Pre-natal, and Iyengar style. Her interest in how the body works has led her to study Yoga anatomy, the application of breath-centered yoga at the Breathing Project in Manhattan with Leslie Kamnoff and Developmental Movement and Yoga with the School for Body-Mind Centering. Patricia has been actively teaching Yoga Basics and Restorative Yoga classes since 2002. She also works privately with students to develop customized home practices and routines. She works closely with clients to support them recovering from both organic and physical injuries.




Pilates Mat Spring 2017 Series

Classes Offered Mondays and Wednesdays 6pm

 20-Class Series:  May 8th - July 19th (revised date)

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Tone abs, hips, thighs and arms with just 2 classes/week!  

At Lotus Mind & Body, Pilates mat classes are taught by fully certified, seasoned instructors, using the classical method - just as Joe Pilates would've wanted!  Each 55-minute class follows the beginner/intermediate format, and incorporates Pilates-specific props like Magic Circles and Triad balls to further challenge stability, precision and form.  

New to Pilates?  Our mat classes are open to all levels, and are a great way to try out the Pilates Method.  Modifications are always provided for challenging intermediate exercises, but for those with any chronic back and neck conditions, private sessions are recommended prior to attending any type of Pilates class.

For more information about starting a Pilates practice, call us at 908.766.9642.



Intro to Yoga with Lynne Thompson

Thursdays 10:30-11:45am 

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If you've wanted to try yoga, but hesitate to jump into a class filled with experienced practitioners, this is the ideal way to get started!  Join Lynne for this beginner-level, gentle yoga class and learn the fundamentals of yoga, including proper positioning, mindful breathwork and simple meditation techniques.  You'll just be sorry you waited so long!

New Student Package - 3 Classes for Just $30 (must be used within 1 month)