Updated Mask Policy_Aug 23 2021
Updated Mask Policy
August 23, 2021
Dear Friends,
Our Mask Policy has changed yet again because of the Delta variant.  In order to stay open and to do our best to keep people moving in a safe environment, we are tightening up our policy.
Mask Policy as of Monday, August 23rd
  • Fully Vaccinated?  Masks Remain OPTIONAL     (For Most Classes of 1-4 People)
    Once you've checked in, if you've been fully vaccinated, you may choose to not wear a mask.
    ("Fully Vaccinated" = 2+ Weeks since the last vaccine jab.)

    This also means that you don't have to go mask-less if you don't want!  Many of us may not be ready to take off the masks just yet, and that's completely OK too! We absolutely respect and understand that. We encourage everyone to proceed at their own pace and comfort level. So just like when you're in any class or session...listen to what feels right and do what's best for you.
  • Not Vaccinated?  Masks Remain REQUIRED
    If you're not fully vaccinated, you must keep your mask on while inside the studio for you own safety as well as others.


  • Masks are REQUIRED for Everyone in Tower & Yoga Classes of 5+ people, regardless of vaccination status.
    For Reformer Classes, masks are required when there are 3 people in class.
All of our instructors and teachers are fully vaccinated and are ever endeavoring to offer you their utmost.
We've come this far together and are thrilled to still be open. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your continued support, flexibility, and understanding throughout this ever-changing and unprecedented time. You continue to make Lotus the special community that it is.
Your Friends at Lotus


COVID-19 Studio Procedures
As of 8/23/2021*

Things are constantly evolving...and so are we

BEFORE Coming to the Studio

  • Make Appointment/Register for Class.  By Appointment Only! Still No Drop Ins at this time

UPON ENTRY into the Studio

  • Leave personal items in the cubbies under windowsill
  • Put on yoga/Pilates socks (with non-slip grips) -- No bare feet allowed in the studio

as of 8/23/2021

  • FULLY VACCINATED? Masks are OPTIONAL  (For Most Classes of 1-4 People)
  • NOT Fully Vaccinated? Masks are MANDATORY, the entire time while inside the studio.
  • Masks are REQUIRED for Classes with 5+ People (3 for Reformer Classes)

Your Session

  • Clean each piece of equipment used with mask on
  • Return Pilates Loops and used cleaning towel to their designated “USED” Bins
  • Return Bottle of Sanitizer to windowsill
  • Use hand sanitizer
  • Put shoes back on and gather your things
  • Have a great rest of your day :)


A minimum notice of 24-Hours is required for all Private/Semi-Private Sessions

A minimum notice of 48-Hours is now required for all Classes. No exceptions

*Polices may need to change at any time without notice.

COVID-19 Screening Questionnaires: No Longer Required
Feel free to complete and return your initial Questionnaire VIA EMAIL
before your appointment if you'd like...but it's no longer required.
We so appreciate how everyone complied with this request from Day 1 of our reopening for the safety of all...you, your fellow Lotus clients, and your Instructor. 
Thank you again for your understanding and compliance. 

Pricing for Private / Semi-Private Sessions and Classes
Private Pilates Sessions:  (1-Hour session.  Expires 1 Week from date of purchase.)
 — Private Session: $90
 — Duet Session: $60/person
— Trio: $45/person 
— Small Group (4+): $38/person
Private Yoga Sessions:
 — 1-Hour Regular Yoga Private: $105
 — 1-Hour Regular Yoga Group Session:  $105 for 2 people, then + $25/person for the 3rd and 4th people
 — 75-Minute Regular Yoga Private: $130
 — 1-Hour Therapeutic Yoga Private: $130
Classes:  (New 3-Person Minimum Required.  Cancellation Policy: 48-Hour Notice. Class Expires 1 Week from date of purchase.
 — Pilates Tower Class: $38 (1-Hour Class)
 — Pilates Reformer Class: $42 (1-Hour Class)
 — Yoga Class: $25 (75-Minute Class.)