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Never Meditated?

Posted by Pam Seelig on Sun, Oct 06, 2013 @ 04:18 PM

If you're reading this sentence, there is something in you that's drawn to meditation.  Some part of you is naturally curious and, on a deeper level, knows that meditation would be a benefit.  So much of life is about rushing, seeking, and trying to get to the future, creating the feeling that life is flying by so fast that you're missing it.  Meditation is the antidote.  However, the idea of meditation can conjure up scary images or just seem way too boring.  The positive benefits, however, go way beyond the list of physical results in the body that medical science is now beginning to verify.  (Often more powerful than pharmaceuticals!)  Meditation is an access to that deep dimension beyond our thoughts where our true self resides.  

If you have tried to sit and "not think," you know how daunting that is.  To learn meditation, a few basic techniques can really help you along your path.  Techniques such as mantra repetition or breathwork have been practiced for thousands of years and have been passed along for your very benefit, for that moment when you decide to look deeply within.  It's an important moment.

The first step is something you probably have already done - putting the thought out in the universe that you are seeking more depth, or that you need some tools to be more grounded, happier, more peaceful, etc.  We do create our reality, so after that first step, usually a book, a blog, a signup sheet or something else is synchronistically placed in front of you.  We then need to be aware enough to perceive the response to our request.  It's important to know that your left brain, rational mind, does not understand.  The left brain is the chatter in your head.  The chatter is very helpful when it tells you to get out of the way of that oncoming truck, but not so helpful when it can't slow down, especially at 3am.  The left brain/rational mind will tell you that any work in this area is a waste of time, and that you can not possibly spend your time "doing nothing".  If you begin to notice the sabotage, that is a giant step toward being more aware and beginning to master the mind, rather than being the slave of the mind.  That is the beginning of mastery.

If this subject interests you, please join us at Lotus Mind & Body in Bernardsville on our 21-day meditation journey.  Together, (even if that means via the internet) we will learn basic tools to begin to quiet the mind and at least get a glimpse of the spaciousness, peace and creativity that reside just beyond our thoughts.  For 21 days, you will receive guidance and yoga meditation techniques to contemplate.  After 3 weeks, you will feel some definite benefits and experience for yourself how your life is enhanced and enriched motivating you toward a life-long exciting inner journey.

We'll meet once at the beginning of the 21 days to learn some basic meditation techniques and answer any questions.  (We'll summarize our meeting online for those that can't make it in person.)  We'll meet again after 3 weeks to share our experiences and also to create a strategy for moving forward with the practice.  We hope you're in! 

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