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Taking Yoga and Pilates Off the Mat and onto the Power Plate!

Posted by Pam Seelig on Sat, Jan 18, 2014 @ 01:03 PM

At Lotus Mind & Body, located in Bernardsville, NJ, we're all about "fitness" as it relates to a balanced body and state of being.  In fact, we think the new healthy is really more about feeling happy (certainly more than it is about your dress size).  But when we discovered it was possible to combine yoga and Pilates with state-of-the art technology, to get amazing anti-aging and health benefits FAST, we were all in!  

The technology, sometimes referred to as Whole Body Vibration, is created using a machine called the Power Plate.  Positive neuromuscular responses are created in your body as you exercise on this "unstable" vibrating platform.  The vibration also increases gravitational force ("G-Forces") on the body, which is why just a 30-minute workout, 2-3X per week is super effective at building strength, increasing flexibility, improving balance and decreasing belly fat (primary indicators of longevity and health).

And based on independent, published research studies, the Power Plate also stimulates the body's own production of bone mineral (to combat osteroporosis), human growth hormone (the "fountain of youth" hormone which decreases after age 40), along with a myriad of other responses that help slow down the aging process.  

Here's Why Power Plate is Sweeping Europe (...and Why We Chose it for Lotus).

  • Reduces belly fat and cellulite
  • Increases collagen production
  • Tones muscles and increases flexibility
  • Reduces cortisol, balances hormones
  • Increases metabolism
  • Builds bone mineral density and reverses osteoporosis

Empowering Your Pilates and Yoga Practice.

Our approach to Power Plate training is based on the time-tested, mind/body disciplines of yoga and Pilates.  Taking traditional asanas and Pilates core exercises off the mat and onto an unstable surface is an ideal way to challenge your practice.  You'll quickly build strength, as well as increase flexibility, balance and breath control.  A 30-second plank on the Power Plate is equivalent to 2 minutes on your mat.  Imagine doing Warrior 3 on a moving surface, or the Pilates Ab Series with 4X the G-force on your torso!  (Mark Wahlberg reportedly used the Power Plate to get those abs for his movie, The Fighter.)

Good Vibes...A Truly Healthy Addiction!

Training on the Power Plate is easy on the joints and helps rehab muscles and connective tissue.  And because it decreases stress hormones (like cortisol, which is linked to weight gain), and actually increases "happy" hormones (like oxytocin), you'll begin to crave your 30-minute workout!

The Power Plate is the Real Deal.

Not all vibration is created equal (for instance, a violin can be pleasing or down right annoying!).  It's critical that the plate vibrates on all three planes (how the human body moves) and adjusts to the correct frequency and amplitude for all components of a complete workout: stretching, strengthening and massage.  That's why we selected the Power Plate for Lotus Mind & Body, and why you'll feel amazing after each workout.

Schedule a Test Drive and See for Yourself.

Try an introductory session at Lotus Mind & Body.  A private, 30-minute workout includes 5 minutes of stretching, 15 minutes strengthening and balance exercises, followed by 10 minutes relaxation and "massAHHHge"!  For more information, or to schedule your Test Drive, contact the studio at 908.766.YOGA (9642).

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