Beth Mastin


Beth was drawn to Pilates in 2006, and was inspired by its tremendous health benefits. She then immersed herself in the Classical Pilates training in New York City.  Beth received her Comprehensive Power Pilates Certification in mat and all apparatus in 2007.   Her movement background began with dance, studying at Loretta Heights College in Colorado, continued with the Denver Civic Ballet to modern, avant garde and expressive forms.  Beth’s love for the freedom of movement in dance found a new depth of understanding through the Pilates Method.  

Her practice in the mind-body disciplines of Pilates and Yoga emphasized self awareness which help foster a nurturing environment for self healing.  Inspired by this connection she pursued ways of “healing through movement”. In 2010, she received The Pink Ribbon Certification as a Post Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist (BCES).

Beth has found through the unity of breath and movement an effective way to inspire healing with breast cancer patients. She is grateful for the practice of Pilates, teaching in a caring environment at Lotus Mind & Body and the enthusiastic, attentive clients.