COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire
Please complete and return your initial Questionnaire VIA EMAIL
at least 2 days before your appointment.
No one is allowed to enter the studio without having submitted their initial Questionnaire. 
This is for the safety of all...you, your fellow Lotus clients, and your Instructor. 
Thank you for your understanding and compliance. 

           Dear Friends,
We are rounding the COVID-19 corner and are finding that there is now some glimmering light at the end of the pandemic's tunnel.
For over a year, everyone has worked so hard to keep themselves and others safe by shielding, quarantining, distancing, masking, vaccinating and much, much more. (Not to mention hoarding for some. Oh yeah....we know. LOL!)
We've all learned new ways of doing things and have tried to embrace the world's ever-changing "new normal" as things evolved. Change has truly been the only constant, with some of the numerous NJ State mandated changes being easier to welcome than others.
There is a huge change change that's coming soon...and it is one we think you'll really like...we sure do!
As of Friday, May 28th: For those who are fully vaccinated, once you are on your mat, you are allowed to take off your mask!
What does this mean? Once you've checked in, had your temperature checked, and are on your mat, if you've been fully vaccinated, you may remove you mask at that time. It needs to go back on as you leave your mat and stay on until you exit the studio.
This also means that you don't have to go mask-less if you don't want! Many of us may not be ready to take off the masks just yet, and that's completely OK too! We absolutely respect and understand that. We encourage everyone to proceed at their own pace and comfort level. So just like when you're in any class or session...listen to what feels right and do what's best for you.
For now, we ask that EVERYONE wears their mask as the enter and leave the studio. If you are fully vaccinated, you are welcome to remove your mask while you are on your mat.
Not fully vaccinated? If you're not fully vaccinated yet, you must keep your mask on while inside the studio for you own safety as well as others. If you are immunocompromised, it is recommended that you also continue to wear your mask in all public settings.
What hasn't changed? Temperature checks upon arrival are still happening, as is the continuation of the studio's equipment cleaning policies that you have mastered over these last 11 months. You're the BEST!
All of our instructors and teachers are fully vaccinated and are ever endeavoring to offer you their utmost.
We've come this far together and are thrilled to still be open. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your continued support, flexibility, and understanding throughout this ever-changing and unprecedented time. You continue to make Lotus the special community that it is.
Looking forward to seeing your smiling, radiant faces soon.
Your Friends at Lotus


COVID-19 Studio Procedures
As of 5/26/2021

Things are constantly evolving...and so are we

BEFORE Coming to the Studio

  • Completed COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire REQUIRED via Email
    For safety of all, no one is allowed into studio otherwise
  • By Appointment Only! No Drop Ins at this time

Your Session

  • Arrive at your appointment time   (Wait in your car if you arrive early.)
  • Put your mask on BEFORE entering studio  No Drop Ins at this time
  • OK items: water, towel, Pilates socks, mat & props   No groceries, bags, wayward relatives, etc.

BEFORE Coming to the Studio


  • Use hand sanitizer at the desk
  • Confirm updated screening questions listed in framed Studio Policy & Procedures flyer at desk
  • Leave personal items on the windowsill
  • Put shoes on the floor not in the cubbies
  • Put on yoga/Pilates socks No bare feet allowed in the studio
  • Proceed to Session/Class with MASK STILL ON
  • Grab 3 things from the windowsill on way to equipment:
      1) Pair of Clean Pilates Loops, 2) Microfiber Towel, 3) EcoLab® Sanitizing Solution Bottle
  • Proceed to Session with MASK STILL ON

as of 5/26/2021

  • If FULLY VACCINATED, once on your mat you may remove your mask! It goes back on as you leave you mat and stays on until you exit the studio.
  • If NOT fully vaccinated, you must wear your mask the entire time while inside the studio.
  • If immunocompromised, it is recommended that you also continue to wear your mask in all public settings.

Your Session

  • Clean each piece of equipment used with mask on
  • Return Pilates Loops and used cleaning towel to their designated “USED” Bins
  • Return Bottle of Sanitizer to windowsill
  • Use hand sanitizer
  • Put shoes back on and gather your things
  • Exit before the next client arrives


A minimum notice of 24-Hours is required for all Private/Semi-Private Sessions

A minimum notice of 48-Hours is now required for all Classes. No exceptions

*To reduce touch points, any purchases unable to be completed before your session
will be charged to your stored credit card on file at the end of the day.

Pricing for Private / Semi-Private Sessions and Classes
Private Pilates Sessions:  (1-Hour session.  Expires 1 Week from date of purchase.)
 — Private Session: $90
 — Duet Session: $60/person
— Trio: $45/person 
— Small Group (4+): $38/person
Private Yoga Sessions:
 — 1-Hour Regular Yoga Private: $105
 — 1-Hour Regular Yoga Group Session:  $105 for 2 people, then + $25/person for the 3rd and 4th people
 — 75-Minute Regular Yoga Private: $130
 — 1-Hour Therapeutic Yoga Private: $130
Classes:  (New 3-Person Minimum Required.  4-Person Max.  Cancellation Policy: 48-Hour Notice. Class Expires 1 Week from date of purchase.)
 — Pilates Tower Class: $38 (1-Hour Class)
 — Yoga Class: $25 (75-Minute Class.)
 — As promised, the sessions/classes you had in your account prior to the shut down were kept
 — All sessions have now been added to MindBody system with revised expiration dates
 — Revised Expiration Dates for Private Sessions: Original Exp Date extended 112 days = Revised Exp Date (up to 9/30 max)
 — Revised Expiration Dates for Private Classes: Original Exp Date extended 168 days = Revised Exp Date (up to 10/31 max)
 — Sessions are being honored at full value...so no paying the difference between old price & new