~ Complement your Pilates & Yoga Practice ~

Yamuna Body Rolling™ Workshops

Created by former yoga teacher, Yamuna Zake, the Yamuna Body Rolling method utilizes dense balls of varying sizes to roll muscles from origin to insertion, providing a workout and deep body massage combined into one. Appropriate for all students, YBR complements Pilates, yoga, and other athletic pursuits by reducing stress and muscle tension, increasing flexibility and range of motion, and creating positive changes within the body.  We'll send out emails announcing when workshops will be offered, or you can always check the Online Schedule to see if one has been added.


Circut and/or TRX and/or Tower

In this challenging class, students receive Intermediate Level Reformer training for half the class, and then switch to Pilates Tower and/or 'Pilates Suspend', a core-strengthing workout utilizing TRX straps.


Pilates Suspend Workshops

Unique to Lotus Mind & Body Studio, this total body workout combines classical Pilates with challenging TRX exercises. The TRX tension straps provide ideal resistance for engaging core muscles, as well as strengthening, toning and stretching arm and leg muscles. The workshop is limited to six students.