Emily Katz

Emily Katz_photo

Emily Katz is dedicated in helping her clients and students find balance in all aspects of their lives: emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. Living a fast-paced life, moving from one activity to another, can leave a person stressed and out of balance.  Her goal is learning and then teaching simple tools to find balance and develop healthy habits, which can make life much easier. Helping students of all ages find true harmony in all aspects of their lives. 

She was born and raised in suburban New Jersey and grew up thriving in her scholastic sports and studies as well as having an active social life participating in multiple after school programs throughout middle and high school. During Emily’s high school career she had a love for volunteering at a local animal shelter learning to nurture care for animals in need. Alongside volunteering at her local animal shelter Emily acquired an in-depth knowledge of nutrition and plant horticulture by working at the community garden and wellness center at her local school. This formed a strong impression that put her on the path to become a wellness advocate, a nurturer for animals, and a yoga teacher for all ages.

In 2012 Emily began her college career at Miami University. In her senior year of college a life changing event occurred when Emily contracted chronic Lyme disease. This hidden disease not only caused physical discomfort and pain it also aided in Emily losing connection with many friends, making it difficult to go to class as well as being part of any community. She had to struggle through the rest of college and completely change her lifestyle habits. 

Her struggle with Lyme disease eventually resulted with her and her family discovering that none of the western medicine was working completely and later believing that yoga would help alleviate the symptoms of her Lyme disease. At this time Emily was introduced to her first two influential yoga teachers, Mukunda Chandra Das and Jane Lindiman who taught her that yoga is a spiritual practice to heal the body and calm the mind. During this period Emily developed a holistic approach by incorporating both modern medicine, traditional yoga therapeutic remedies, and a plant-based alternative medicine. As a result of her steadfast holistic approach to health and wellness Emily no longer has the symptomatic suffering of Lyme disease.

After graduating with a degree in Management and Leadership from the Miami University of Ohio, Emily returned home with the desire to help people by teaching yoga and educating others in holistic nutrition. Her first endeavor was to complete a yoga teacher training. Through this formal learning experience Emily met her formal teacher, Shannon Elliot, and learned proper alignment, philosophy, and the Asana of yoga. Simultaneously Emily’s passion to work with kids arose and she got certified with peace play NJ where she met her formal kid’s yoga teacher, Pamela Nixion. Emily then found Yin Yoga and learned of all the benefits and got her Level 1 and Level 2 Yin Yoga certification with Naomi Pagan- Fox.

In addition to a busy yoga teaching schedule, she is currently journeying towards receiving a Masters in Exercise Science. Her goal is to incorporate all aspects of holistic living and encouraging students to become steadfast in their own practices while integrating them into their day-to-day lives.