Jared Hammond

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Jared was introduced to yoga by his coach during his competitive days as an internationally ranked fencer. An asymmetrical sport, fencing had taken it’s toll physically on Jared, so his coach suggested Bikram yoga as a way to heal and balance out his body. Through the practice of yoga, Jared was able to return stronger than before, allowing him to continue to participate in the sport he loved. Years later, Jared would become a fencing coach and felt it was essential to become certified as an instructor. He earned his 200 hour RYT from Samadhi Sun, studying under Sharon Manner.

Jared’s classes are a balance of power and healing, using a Vinyasa flow style to hit essential postures, increasing flexibility, strength, and balance.

Jared also holds a MA in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University where he studied the practice of mindfulness and is looking to obtain a PhD in this field. It is Jared’s goal to pass along the gift of yoga to all students, especially athletes, so that they may unlock their potential and participate in the sports they love.