Lynne Thompson

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Everything comes in phases, waves, steps.  After moving out to NJ with twin toddlers in 2006, Lynne began teaching yoga in the Basking Ridge/Bernardsville area, but whenever on her own time, Lynne was also a committed Lotus Mind & Body Studio client.  Once she became available to teach yoga here, she jumped at the chance and was honored to be able to merge her passion for teaching with her passion for a studio she already loved so much.  In addition to teaching, she then began working at the desk, and later managing the studio.  All of those steps led her to ultimately purchasing Lotus recently from the amazing studio creators, Pam Seelig and Susan Fickinger.  Doing what you love, and loving what you do.  Step by step.

Prior to discovering Lotus, she had studied Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga for almost 20 years in Texas, New York and New Jersey, and began teaching in 2008.  Her yoga classes offer students an opportunity to work with the breath in order to explore each pose, posture and stretch in a mindful and present way.  At the end of class during Savasana, Lynne incorporates guided meditation techniques and processes including those from Don Kollmar of CSA (Complete Self Attunement Association, NY/CA) which allows each student to access the power of healing, wisdom and divinity within the self, as well as to fully integrate the physical, emotional and spiritual experiences of class into life "off the mat."  In addition to her longtime love of yoga, Lynne discovered a decade ago how Pilates also really resonated with her...and was so taken by the practice that she decided to receive a Physical Mind/Balance Body certification at Joan Breirbart's PhysicalMind Institute studio in New York as well.  More steps, waves, and stages. :)  

She currently lives in Basking Ridge with her husband, middleschool-aged son and daugther, and the hilarious Yellow Lab, Hudson.